New Chevy Electric Car

Electric cars are becoming more of a regular sight on the market especially with how much more affordable these kinds of vehicles are becoming. The designs are becoming more sleek so the electric car is turning into something more and more enticing by the minute. Check out Chevy’s latest design below.
Earlier this year, Chevrolet demonstrated its intention to market an affordable, dedicated EV with the announcement that it would produce a car based on the Bolt concept, which it debuted at the 2015 Detroit auto show. Not just an electric version of an existing model, like the Spark EV, which it likely will replace, the Bolt proves that General Motors is getting serious about EVs.

If the Bolt‘s stated goal of a 200-mile range is realized at or near its target price of roughly $30,000, it could be the most viable electric vehicle yet. Until this point, EVs with that sort of range largely have been the province of the well-heeled, in the form of the Tesla Model S. But it likely won’t be alone for long, as the second-generation Nissan Leaf and Tesla’s own Model 3 are just around the corner.

While the Bolt will share some of its underpinnings with the Sonic, expect the Bolt to be pitched as a crossover, which could explain why the prototype here has subtle roof rails and black fender trim. The crossover proportions (à la Ford C-Max) also could help mask any extra height that might have been required to package the batteries, although we won’t know for sure what is going on under the skin until Chevy formally introduces the car in coming months.

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