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Car hacks you just can’t miss

One of our favorite trends on the internet right now is the sharing of “life hacks”, which showcase tips to help people make every day tasks easier to accomplish. It allows people to live more frugally and make the best use of the things that they have. Cars are a huge part of daily life […]

New Chevy Electric Car

Electric cars are becoming more of a regular sight on the market especially with how much more affordable these kinds of vehicles are becoming. The designs are becoming more sleek so the electric car is turning into something more and more enticing by the minute. Check out Chevy’s latest design below. Earlier this year, Chevrolet […]

Used Trucks Prices Falling

Trucks are great vehicles for many reasons. Although gas efficiency is not optimal, trucks are very versatile for a number of reasons that allow you to do more than you would be able to with a regular car. With more room in the bed and a higher frame, you can carry all kinds of cargo […]

Truck Prices Rising

Trucks are a wonderful means of transportation because it combines hauling power with ability to carry passengers. Trucks are great vehicles for families or businesses alike. Newer trucks are becoming more fuel efficient but in the recent months, truck prices have been rising on the wholesale front.  Average wholesale prices rose in October, driven largely […]